Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Men at the Gym

Have you ever noticed what men wear to the gym? Today, I was on the treadmill which is at the back of the cardio area at my gym and I had a good view of all the people that were there. It seemed like there were more men there than usual and for some reason I was struck by what some had on.

Baseball Hats - what is the deal? Doesn't your head sweat? Seems gross and hot to me to wear a hat. I will wear one outside when working out, but the purpose then is for some protection from the sun. I'm not sure what the deal is for men at the gym? Are they worried that they have bed hair and people notice?

Golf(?) Shorts - I swear a couple had on shorts that were intended for the golf course. You know the kind - tailored with pockets and all. Seriously, what's up with that?

Full sweatsuit
- Um, hello? What is the purpose of sweats and a sweatshirt? It is not usually that cool in the gym and you are working out. Do you think that extra sweating is getting you somewhere and that is why you have on a full sweatsuit when it is still 90 degrees in Texas? (Oh ok, sue me - it was about 60 this morning.)

Ripped up t-shirts
- This one I swear is totally owned by the men out there. T-shirts with holes, ripped off sleeves, necks, etc. I still haven't figured out the purpose of this yet either. Because believe me, the guys that are sporting this look are not the Incredible Hulk (ya know when he 'hulks up' and his clothes rip?)

It may sound like I'm judging and seriously I'm not at all. I couldn't give a rat's ass what people wear. For some reason these were some observations I made this morning and it really is a 'wondering thing'. There were just as many guys just wearing what I would call 'regular' gym clothes....

But then again - guys make me wonder about a lot of things.

Here's an example on that: if a woman shares with you that she is feeling a certain way, don't respond with 'that's ridiculous'. Invalidating feelings is not so nice and honestly just pisses the woman off. (Yes, that was a 'Nice Guy' rant. Notice the quotes around Nice Guy. Jury is out and not sure how things are going to turn out at this point. Stay tuned. Verdict will be in this week.)

I am on self-imposed liquids and soft food for five days. There is absolutely no reason for me to go in after that bout of reflux to be told that I have stretched my pouch (aka dilation). I know it and am doing what they would have me do. Well, it would probably be for seven, but close enough. Since I have nearly no fluid in my band there is no reason to go in.

Do I recommend this for others? Hell no, but I am 3 years out (nearly) and am well versed in my challenges, etc. That being said, when I do start eating bandster wise again (two days - thank goodness), I will be sure to stay on the low end of portion sizes and ensure there are no problems. If there are, then I will be going in to get things checked out.

I am concerned that the liquids will stall my weight loss. As long as the weight I lost this past week remains, then I am happy. My goal is to stay the same. I am trying very hard NOT to get on the scale more than once a week. Monday is my day. (Typing that for re-inforcement - self - you only weigh-in on Mondays.)

Gym today: 60 mins

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