Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The band is easy? Think again...

I think I have said this before, but it is worth saying again. The band is a tool. It's not magic. It takes work and sticking to the rules. Even after you hit goal. Am I perfect? Far from it, since hitting goal my struggle has been getting adjusted right. Too tight, too loose, name it. Stress is still a problem. Funny how the band doesn't fix that (HA!). I reverted to bad habits - read the beginning of work and rules - and ate around the band - root cause - stress. What happened as a result? I gained weight. Thankfully 10 lbs was my breaking point and I got things under control. It could have easily gotten beyond that. So, since then I have been back to strict rules and trying to get adjusted to the magic level. I'm still not sure. I think I am kinda loose, but am so paranoid about dilation that I am trying to hang at this level. I have an appointment for June and will see how I feel then. Not sure if anyone still checks in, but it does help to write it and read it myself. Here's my stats...

Official weigh in stats:
Starting weight: 234 lbs
Current weight: 154 lbs (last post 145 lbs - but had landed at 143 for quite some time. *sigh* actually 12 lbs gained - YIKES!!)
Overall loss: 80 lbs (was 89 lbs)
Lbs to goal: 5 lbs