Monday, March 29, 2010

Boot camp

It's named very well. It is booting me for sure! I am on week two. Last week my goal was survival. I found out (surprisingly) that at 41 I was in pretty good shape! In fact, better shape that many of the ladies that are younger than me. Go figure. This week's goal is form. I will concentrate on doing exercises like I am "supposed" to. The other thing I'm doing is treating each day as a Biggest Loser Last Chance workout. I have to tell you I feel so great after doing this! (It's at 5:30 am and outside.) I weighed and am still in range. Yes, I am a little disappointed, but maybe I am burning a lot of fat and shrinking. In hindsight I should have measured myself. Oh well, my clothes will tell me how I'm doing. If this isn't a hoot, I was walking around in my sports bra and panties (just regular bikini kind - nothing fancy) and my husband says to me: "Do you have a swimsuit like that?" I looked at him and was thinking, "Huh?" I responded with, "I have a top, but unfortunately I am going to have to go swimsuit shopping." (I hate it!) and he says, "Well, I think you should get one like that. You look fantastic." WOW! That's all I could think and said shyly, "Thanks."

Friday, March 19, 2010

Catch Up Post

The old house sold! We are fully moved into the new house. My time has been filled with packing, moving, unpacking, and oh yeah - working. We are finally feeling settled and I'm looking forward to Spring. There have been some nice sunny days and the flowers are starting to bloom. I have switched to outside workouts for the time being until the heat drives me back inside. Monday I start a bootcamp - don't ask me why - it will be an ass kicking, but I thought some variety would be a good thing. It's M-F at 5:30 am for 4 weeks. I am actually a little bit scared! On the weight front - I'm still within range. Boring, right? But it was the goal and look I'm doing it! : )