Monday, March 29, 2010

Boot camp

It's named very well. It is booting me for sure! I am on week two. Last week my goal was survival. I found out (surprisingly) that at 41 I was in pretty good shape! In fact, better shape that many of the ladies that are younger than me. Go figure. This week's goal is form. I will concentrate on doing exercises like I am "supposed" to. The other thing I'm doing is treating each day as a Biggest Loser Last Chance workout. I have to tell you I feel so great after doing this! (It's at 5:30 am and outside.) I weighed and am still in range. Yes, I am a little disappointed, but maybe I am burning a lot of fat and shrinking. In hindsight I should have measured myself. Oh well, my clothes will tell me how I'm doing. If this isn't a hoot, I was walking around in my sports bra and panties (just regular bikini kind - nothing fancy) and my husband says to me: "Do you have a swimsuit like that?" I looked at him and was thinking, "Huh?" I responded with, "I have a top, but unfortunately I am going to have to go swimsuit shopping." (I hate it!) and he says, "Well, I think you should get one like that. You look fantastic." WOW! That's all I could think and said shyly, "Thanks."

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