Friday, June 30, 2006

Amazing How I Forget

Man, I sure forget how to use Blogger when I don't use it very often. That is the title reference. Although, you could say it also applies at times to 'ben the band'. I get comfortable and decide to try to eat something that doesn't work, I get lazy and eat 'easy' stuff, and of course on the exercise front (I forget how much I should be doing it and how it will get me to goal).

The unfill continues to work well for me. I did miss a period though. I don't ever remember missing a period, but did at my past cycle. Nope, no pregnant - checked that! ;) Did go get checked out and preliminary tests such and pregnancy and thyroid were checked. All came back A-OK. Eventually, many weeks late, my friend arrived with a vengeance.

My hair is still coming out more so that is normal - hairdresser agrees. I am going to my primary physician on the 10th and will be having more tests run. I am wondering if I have some sort of deficiency going on. I'll report back when I have the results. I have not been taking my multi-vitamin religiously; although, I swear I have been getting in enough protein. Who knows - sick of guessing. Just going to find out once and for all.

On the loss front, was still at 178, then ballooned up to 180. I know I did not gain weight - there is just no way. My period came later after that weigh in and I will not weigh in again until Wednesday. Since cramps from hell were around and bloating was outta control (rings were stuck to hands!) I know there is a whole lotta water retention in that number. I REFUSE to worry about it. Just going to keep eating as I should and see what the next weigh in brings.

Why no loss? NO EXERCISE. Yep, if I want to get to my goal, I am going to have to exercise. There is NO excuse. I should be doing it and I am NOT going to get to goal without it. I need to come back and re-read this paragraph daily and kick my ass into gear. No promises are going to be made at this point. I wanted to get it out here though why it is my weight loss is so slow (right now non-existent).

That's it for now. Take care all! Keep losing.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Long Overdue!!!

Wow! Where to start. The weirdest thing happened to me. I got TIGHTER over time. Yes, most people say they get looser, but not me. I had only had two fills and was only at 1.8. A couple weeks ago, I recognized it was too tight. I had to eat mainly soft foods and right before the unfill only was able to keep liquids down. Not what I expected. So I asked, yes there are some people like me that get tighter over time. So, I had an unfill. Down to 1.4. My first fill took me to 1.2. The second to 1.8.

Advice: If you think you might be too tight, you probably are. It's important to deal with it. My weightloss pretty much stalled. I feel much better and still have plenty of restriction.

What else? I passed my 6-month banding anniversary. It was pretty uneventful. So much so that I completely forget until I was really looking at my spreadsheet that I track my weightloss on.

I (obviously) have not been posting much nor have I read the blogs I used to read daily. Why? I've just been busy. Work, fun, etc. I feel better about myself, so I have been doing more 'stuff'.

Official weigh in stats:
Starting weight: 234lbs
Current weight: 178lbs (I maintained all of May - Why? Too tight. Stalled my weight loss. Seriously. How do I know? Since the unfill, I am losing weight! Only 3.5lbs since I last posted, but I'll take it!)
Overall loss: 56lbs
Lbs to goal: 29lbs

Note: I still plan to be at my goal weight by my b-day in December. That will be a couple weeks after my 1 year bandiversary.

I'll try not to let so much time go between posts. Hopefully some of you are still stopping by.