Friday, June 30, 2006

Amazing How I Forget

Man, I sure forget how to use Blogger when I don't use it very often. That is the title reference. Although, you could say it also applies at times to 'ben the band'. I get comfortable and decide to try to eat something that doesn't work, I get lazy and eat 'easy' stuff, and of course on the exercise front (I forget how much I should be doing it and how it will get me to goal).

The unfill continues to work well for me. I did miss a period though. I don't ever remember missing a period, but did at my past cycle. Nope, no pregnant - checked that! ;) Did go get checked out and preliminary tests such and pregnancy and thyroid were checked. All came back A-OK. Eventually, many weeks late, my friend arrived with a vengeance.

My hair is still coming out more so that is normal - hairdresser agrees. I am going to my primary physician on the 10th and will be having more tests run. I am wondering if I have some sort of deficiency going on. I'll report back when I have the results. I have not been taking my multi-vitamin religiously; although, I swear I have been getting in enough protein. Who knows - sick of guessing. Just going to find out once and for all.

On the loss front, was still at 178, then ballooned up to 180. I know I did not gain weight - there is just no way. My period came later after that weigh in and I will not weigh in again until Wednesday. Since cramps from hell were around and bloating was outta control (rings were stuck to hands!) I know there is a whole lotta water retention in that number. I REFUSE to worry about it. Just going to keep eating as I should and see what the next weigh in brings.

Why no loss? NO EXERCISE. Yep, if I want to get to my goal, I am going to have to exercise. There is NO excuse. I should be doing it and I am NOT going to get to goal without it. I need to come back and re-read this paragraph daily and kick my ass into gear. No promises are going to be made at this point. I wanted to get it out here though why it is my weight loss is so slow (right now non-existent).

That's it for now. Take care all! Keep losing.


Angie said...

OMG, I could totally be the author of you blog, scary!!! We need to kick each others ass every single day to go EXERCISE!!!!

Serena said...

I hope that the extra hair loss comes to an end for you soon.

You and me both with the exercise but I swear if I could stay healthy for more than a couple of days I might do better.

Kim said...

I lost my hair when I was losing weight. The doctor told me it could be a number of high blood pressue, my weight thryoid was good. He said it should stablize when I stop losing weight. I had a HUGE bald/thin spot that was very very noticable. My poor hairdresser was scared to touch my hair for fear that it might all fall out. I have not lost anymore weight (I had lost about 122 pounds) and am off the blood pressure medicine and it stopped falling out and has grown back. My hair dresser is happy and I am estastic...and oh so very thankful! Keep at the exercise! I found that exercising with other people helps because you get some accountablity. Have you tried the YMCA? I LOVE mine! I go M-F then on the weekend I am on my own! I love my Y friends the are wonderfully supportive!