Sunday, June 18, 2006

Long Overdue!!!

Wow! Where to start. The weirdest thing happened to me. I got TIGHTER over time. Yes, most people say they get looser, but not me. I had only had two fills and was only at 1.8. A couple weeks ago, I recognized it was too tight. I had to eat mainly soft foods and right before the unfill only was able to keep liquids down. Not what I expected. So I asked, yes there are some people like me that get tighter over time. So, I had an unfill. Down to 1.4. My first fill took me to 1.2. The second to 1.8.

Advice: If you think you might be too tight, you probably are. It's important to deal with it. My weightloss pretty much stalled. I feel much better and still have plenty of restriction.

What else? I passed my 6-month banding anniversary. It was pretty uneventful. So much so that I completely forget until I was really looking at my spreadsheet that I track my weightloss on.

I (obviously) have not been posting much nor have I read the blogs I used to read daily. Why? I've just been busy. Work, fun, etc. I feel better about myself, so I have been doing more 'stuff'.

Official weigh in stats:
Starting weight: 234lbs
Current weight: 178lbs (I maintained all of May - Why? Too tight. Stalled my weight loss. Seriously. How do I know? Since the unfill, I am losing weight! Only 3.5lbs since I last posted, but I'll take it!)
Overall loss: 56lbs
Lbs to goal: 29lbs

Note: I still plan to be at my goal weight by my b-day in December. That will be a couple weeks after my 1 year bandiversary.

I'll try not to let so much time go between posts. Hopefully some of you are still stopping by.


Brad said...

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Serena said...

I still stop by and it is great to hear from you. I do hope that you reach your goal by your b-day. My b-day is in December as well a couple weeks after my banding anniversary but I don't think I can lose 72 more pounds by then. LOL

Jessica said...

Yep, still stopping by. I was starting to get worried about you! I'm glad you were just "livin' life" and nothing was wrong!

Angie said...

Hello, Im Angie! Found your link from Jessicas page. We sooo have to talk! OMG, I had my last fill in March and these past couple weeks have totally been WAY too tight. I thought I was a total weirdo!!! I havent lost any weight either but that didnt surprise me at all since all I was eating was ice cream!!! I would love to chat if you have time to email me :) Angie

fluffy said...

Brad - Link away - sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.

fluffy said...

Serena - You are making great progress! You just keep up it up. I figure all that really matters is that we get to our goal. Assigning a date just gives me something to work toward, but it won't be the end of the world if I don't hit it as planned.
Take care and thanks for continuing to stop by!

fluffy said...

Jessica - Thanks for the concern! I haven't had a chance to catch up on all your entries, but read your most recent. You are doing great. You did the right thing getting a fill. My two cents - for hubby the attitude and how you feel about yourself IS the likely cause. Regardless, I wouldn't focus too much on the why - might cause problems for you guys - just focus on the here and now and how well things are going. (2 lbs is nothing and I highly doubt you consumed 7000 more calories over that time period - even if you didn't have full restriction. A lot is probably water weight from the *crap*. Drink lots of water and likely it will drop off immediately.)
Take care,

fluffy said...

Sorry to hear you are encountering problems! I sent you an email with my personal email address. Look forward to hearing from you. Also, gave you my Yahoo Messenger ID if you have that. Either way works for me.
Take care,