Friday, August 29, 2014

Testing? Testing? Is this thing on?

Just a quick check in. I continue not to weigh on a scale, but I think I am the fittest I've been since I was in college. For grins, I might get my body fat tested before my official 9 year milestone to see where it is now vs. 2012. Plus I think knowing my R.M.R is important. It allows me to ensure that I am eating enough to maintain lean body mass. Somewhere I posted about being skinny fat and this is related to that. In a nutshell - lean body mass = good (needs and eats calories) and fat = bad.

Anyway, in case there's anyone following, wondering, or should anyone stumble across this blog that is somewhere in their journey or struggling, I wanted to confirm that after 9 years, I continue to maintain. You really can do it! YOU, not just me. Yes, it's hard and yes, it takes effort, because there is no magic pill. Believe and make it happen.

I'll post more details in November and if anyone is wondering anything, please let me know.

In the meantime, be well and try out what I've been using as a mantra lately:

  • Wake up and be awesome!
  • Smile. Choose to be happy!
  • When it seems like nothing goes right, go left!