Monday, August 27, 2012

Cheap Fills

Since I was self pay, this journey has been expensive (but worth it). I think my fills we're included the first year, but after that I had to pay and each time it was very expensive.  I saw a billboard on a major highway here in Dallas about $50 fills. I checked it out online and for $50 you get it done under fluoro, they accept anyone, and it is a bariatric surgery of excellence. I wanted to share it in case anyone has been looking for options. Here's a link

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boxing Round 2

I knew I was a boxing hack, but it was confirmed by one of the trainers. This trainer goes around with mits during his class. You do the combination on the mits vs. the bag when he works his way around to you. I knew it was going to bad. .

He's at my bag and I'm a deer in headlights. I can't remember the stupid combination which I have to concentrate really hard on at all times anyway. He's in position, but I'm not. He reminds me of the combination which I proceed to get all hosed up. I try again and am thinking "omg, this is not going well!".

Confirmed! The trainer says to me, "That was really bad." Thankfully I pretty much take feedback in stride, I laughed and responded with, "I know, right?" (This trainer is a serious boxer, I do not think he intended to be so candid and could see that after he said it he immediately had an "oopsie" moment. I think he was relieved that I laughed it off. He has an awesome class and is a good guy. For real.)

Have you ever been warned about providing the gift of feedback though? Well, after class I went straight over to the desk and signed up for a couple sessions with this trainer to work on my fundamentals. I then found him and gave him the "good news" that he could now help me not be such a hack!

I'm currently doing my own version of insanity for 30 days. My first session with him I had camp in the morning and then figured what the hell I will do his boxing class first and then the session with him. Talk about a man on a mission! To kill me that is. HA! I can't even begin to tell you how good he was at answering all of my stupid questions (there were lots trust me) and really working on my fundamentals. I had a ton of, "so that's how I'm supposed to be doing it" moments and he said that I was night and day from when I started the lesson. Honestly, I had no where to go, but up. Just sayin'.

I have a whole new appreciation for the sport. I knew it took skill and was hard, but dang there are so many things to remember at one time! Hands up, elbows in, guard, foot position, hips, etc. But I am enjoying the new challenge!...sadly, I have recognized that a pro career is not likely...while my skills are lacking, the whole hitting another person is a huge stumbling block...go figure!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Workout Shake Up

 Float like a butterf1y, sting like a bee. His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. Now you see me, now you don't. - Muhammad Ali

I am a boxer. Ha, not. But I am mixing boxing into my workout routine. The club is dedicated to boxing and kickboxing only. The boxing classes are the real deal - wraps, gloves, and 100 lb bags and taught by boxer/MMA professionals.

My husband was interested in going with me to try it out and he absolutely loved it. Man, can he punch a bag! At this point, the fundamentals and combinations are hard for me and I have to think a LOT. I'm sure that watching me wrap my hands alone is pure entertainment by the amount of concentration it takes and how many times I have to start over!

I can't say that I love it (yet?), but I do love that my husband enjoys this workout as much as he does. We have been going together on the weekends and I have mixed in a class here and there during the week. Isn't there a saying that goes something like couples that box together stay together?

Friday, August 10, 2012


Quite some time ago I moved away from weighing myself. I've relied on my clothes and measurements since, but I decided I needed something to give me a little "oomph". So, I decided I wanted to find out my overall body composition (body fat to lean mass). Hydr0static underwater weighing is considered to be the gold standard for determining body composition and I did it last week! I will repeat the test early September.

It's essentially a dunking in your swimsuit (gah!) and you have to blow all of your air out underwater. You don't blow it all out, then your body fat percentage will be higher. The first time I totally sucked and I said to the guy, "that was bad, huh?". He laughed and said "uh, yah, really bad". Eh, what can you do? I'm not really a big fan of being underwater. It's an average of 3 times, but he had me do it 4 because he said the first one was so off he wanted to throw it out.

There are a number of charts for "ideal" body fat percentages. On the ACE chart I'm considered "Athletes" and on Jackson & P0llock I'm "lean" (link). But I've set a goal to take a couple percentage points off (fingers crossed) with some minor modifications to what I'm eating for no other reason than "just 'cause" and to hopefully get over my underlying blahs. We'll see when I have it done again in September!

Next -shaking up my workouts...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

It Happens

My journey never ends, it just changes.

Weight loss: Losing brought great satisfaction, excitement, and joy. Not losing was so frustrating! But the goal was still out there and I was going to get there come hell or high water!

Maintenance: First there was the celebration. The "OMG, I made it." I think that was followed by this honeymoon period of joy and on the other side freaking out a bit about whether or not I was dreaming. Could I actually maintain it, etc.

Maintenance II: I pretty much settled in, but because of the changes I had made in activity and diet I lost more weight and what was more exciting to me lost body size and gained strength.

Am: Then the "am" phase hit. As P0peye would say, I yam what I yam. I am this new person that after nearly 7 years since I started this journey many people (including my husband!) only know me this way and have no idea what I looked like before.

Past behaviors still surface at times in this "am" period. I've seen pictures of myself and started picking myself apart, put on clothes that just don't fit as well as they did the previous month, eaten too much crap in one sitting (one bag of puff Ch33tos probably took care of that particular craving for the next 7 years), skipped a workout or two, and too many others to list. I continue to work on avoiding "all or nothing" thinking and that when something happens it is not the end of the world. It's life, $hit happens.

Oh how I wish that I could say that my journey was and is easy and that it doesn't take any effort. Unfortunately, it hasn't been. Many days it's just plain tough. On those days that I am tired of all the effort, I try to suck it up and keep on going. Some days it works and other days it doesn't, but that's also life.

Lately it's been taking more effort. I'm not off the wagon, it's just been harder with more instances of me thinking UGH and the I-don't-wannas. I think I need to change things up. I've been doing bootcamp for nearly 2.5 years straight. It might be time for a break and on to something else.