Monday, August 13, 2012

Workout Shake Up

 Float like a butterf1y, sting like a bee. His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. Now you see me, now you don't. - Muhammad Ali

I am a boxer. Ha, not. But I am mixing boxing into my workout routine. The club is dedicated to boxing and kickboxing only. The boxing classes are the real deal - wraps, gloves, and 100 lb bags and taught by boxer/MMA professionals.

My husband was interested in going with me to try it out and he absolutely loved it. Man, can he punch a bag! At this point, the fundamentals and combinations are hard for me and I have to think a LOT. I'm sure that watching me wrap my hands alone is pure entertainment by the amount of concentration it takes and how many times I have to start over!

I can't say that I love it (yet?), but I do love that my husband enjoys this workout as much as he does. We have been going together on the weekends and I have mixed in a class here and there during the week. Isn't there a saying that goes something like couples that box together stay together?


Island Bandit said...

hi fluffster

I miss you! Reading all these posts about people gearing up for Boobs 3.0 bring back so many good memories from last year! Are you going this time? I can't make it this year :(
On the boxing. I did kickboxing for a while quite a few years ago and quite liked it. Sucked at it, but liked it! enjoya nd good on you for continuing to mix things up

Beth Ann said...

Hi gorgeous!! I'm getting back into the swing of things, including blogging. I finally realized how much I missed everybody. :)

Boxing sounds awesome!! It was one of the things I considered when I started CrossFit.