Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boxing Round 2

I knew I was a boxing hack, but it was confirmed by one of the trainers. This trainer goes around with mits during his class. You do the combination on the mits vs. the bag when he works his way around to you. I knew it was going to bad. .

He's at my bag and I'm a deer in headlights. I can't remember the stupid combination which I have to concentrate really hard on at all times anyway. He's in position, but I'm not. He reminds me of the combination which I proceed to get all hosed up. I try again and am thinking "omg, this is not going well!".

Confirmed! The trainer says to me, "That was really bad." Thankfully I pretty much take feedback in stride, I laughed and responded with, "I know, right?" (This trainer is a serious boxer, I do not think he intended to be so candid and could see that after he said it he immediately had an "oopsie" moment. I think he was relieved that I laughed it off. He has an awesome class and is a good guy. For real.)

Have you ever been warned about providing the gift of feedback though? Well, after class I went straight over to the desk and signed up for a couple sessions with this trainer to work on my fundamentals. I then found him and gave him the "good news" that he could now help me not be such a hack!

I'm currently doing my own version of insanity for 30 days. My first session with him I had camp in the morning and then figured what the hell I will do his boxing class first and then the session with him. Talk about a man on a mission! To kill me that is. HA! I can't even begin to tell you how good he was at answering all of my stupid questions (there were lots trust me) and really working on my fundamentals. I had a ton of, "so that's how I'm supposed to be doing it" moments and he said that I was night and day from when I started the lesson. Honestly, I had no where to go, but up. Just sayin'.

I have a whole new appreciation for the sport. I knew it took skill and was hard, but dang there are so many things to remember at one time! Hands up, elbows in, guard, foot position, hips, etc. But I am enjoying the new challenge!...sadly, I have recognized that a pro career is not likely...while my skills are lacking, the whole hitting another person is a huge stumbling block...go figure!


FitBy40 said...

I've always loved cardio kick boxing, but never thought of doing 'real' boxing. Good for you for going out of your comfort zone!
you totally rock.

MandaPanda said...

Now that's the difference between you and me. I could hit someone...but not have good form doing it! LOL!

Lap Band Gal said...

That is so cool that you're shakin' things up with this new workout :) Keep on pushin' through my friend.

Beth Ann said...

You are so freaking cool!