Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What the hell? (and, I'm baack!)

First, what the hell? Where are all of my links to all of the wonderful blogs that I have not been keeping up with????? waaaaaaaaa!!!! I have reloaded the page and done everything to get them back, but absolutely no luck. I cannot believe it. PLEASE if someone can help me (and is still checking back for posts that never appear), please please please tell me how to fix it!

Yes, I'm back. Why? Not sure. I was watching TV tonight and thought how it would be great to see how everyone was doing. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check in (see above - hint, hint - need help!).

I can't even remember what I weighed the last time I wrote, but I am thinking I am about 8lbs down since then. I haven't done a lot of exercising (sporadic at best) and have not consciously been dieting. All of this does not make great bandster progress. That being said, I am overall very satisfied with my progress. I am down 61.5 lbs down and am 23.5 lbs from goal.

I am feeling the desire to get back in gear though. Maybe that is what triggered me to post. Make it real by posting it out here. Well, time will tell. Stay tuned...