Monday, July 10, 2006

Doc Visit at GP

So, I had said quite some time ago about my hair loss. It has kind ebbed and flowed (ha), but never stopped falling out. The hairdresser again said I had lost a significant amount and she didn't like how much was coming out when she did her magic. The last doc appointment for the missed period had all the 'female stuff' come back normal. Made an appointment with the GP. (Note: I have a TON of hair---I'm lucky. Absolutely no one but the hairdresser and me notice it. Just thought you might be wondering.)

The appointment was today. She was a really nice doc. I haven't had a GP for a long time. She was really impressed with my weight loss and actually got mad at me for being down on myself for holding steady---kinda refreshing. Granted I acknowledged that I wasn't putting in as much effort, but she didn't think it was necessarily a bad thing as long as I was holding steady. In fact, she told me to quit being so hard on me about that as well.

Anyway, she is running a bunch of tests. Just to be sure there aren't any of the basic issues iron, extensive thyroid, etc. Anyway, she expects that everything will come back normal as I am in the 'capital of bands' --- so named by me --- and she has quite a few patients that have lap band. Turns out that all of hers have lost hair. Some more than others. My immediate fix - I am switching to liquid pre-natal vitamins. Nope - not pregnant - she recommended it as it is better absorbed in liquid form and there is more 'stuff' in them. She thinks this will help.

Cost me about 20 bucks for 30 days of the vitamins - not so cheap. So my plan is to use it for 30 days and then switch to a liquid multi-vitamin - cheaper, but better than the chewable. Guess I could research where to get the liquid pre-natal too. I just went to a health food store up the street and I highly doubt it was as cheap as online or in a chain store. That's my story. Weigh in isn't until Wednesday.