Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fill Up & Trash

For some reason there are two things I really hate doing. They are really quite stupid too! I absolutely hate taking out the garbage and filling the car up with gas. Right now the car needs filling and I was looking at it on the way back from the store - hmmmm, looks like there's enough to get to the gym in the morning and back. So yep, you guessed it. I didn't fill it up. Why is that stupid? Well, I was right next to a filling station! And, reality is I will have to get gas tomorrow. As far as garbage, taking it out sucks. 'Nuff said!

While I absolutely love reading all the blogs - banded and weight loss in general (and way more than I have listed on my blog - I use Google Reader) - I have decided that my blog is B-O-R-I-N-G! That's right, I can admit it. The problem? I am leary of sharing super personal details and therefore my blog remains about being banded. Since I am at goal, there just isn't much to say. Summary: It's hard to maintain and anyone that says otherwise I am saying is L-Y-I-N-G! (Yep, I am having a spelling bee this post.) Don't get me wrong, I have done well with staying in my range, but I will not lie. It takes effort and focus and all that yucky stuff, but DANG IT I am going to continue to maintain. : )

Anyway, I'll continue to keep posting now and then, but I'll make it a minimum of one post a month. So please keep checking in now and then. (It does add to my accountability as weird as that sounds!) I also have some pretty tasty recipes that I need to get out here. For now though - I want to cover some of my favorite sauce/dressing/condiment finds in no particular order.
  • Ketchup - I can't have meatloaf without it. Just hate it without. But Ketchup is full of sugar. Ah, but here comes REDUCED Sugar Heinz Ketchup! It's awesome. Tastes exactly like the normal to me and get this FIVE that's right FIVE calories per tablespoon.
  • BBQ Sauce - Again, high sugar. There are many times that I just need a little sauce for meat to ensure it isn't too dry. But oh hidden calories! Enter KC Masterpiece Low Calorie Classic Blend Barbecue Sauce. It's awesome! Calories? Forget about it! TEN calories for TWO tablespoons!!
  • Mayo - Some things just aren't so good with the light stuff or the fat free stuff. WRONG!!!  Hellman's Low Fat. Man, it tastes exactly like the full fat mayo! 15 calories (1 gram of fat) per tablespoon.
  • Salad Dressing - How about ZERO calories and ZERO sugar? Oh sure, you are thinking it tastes like crap. NOPE!!! Maple Grove Farms of Vermont - Sugar Free Balsamic Vinaigrette. It's made with Splenda and it rocks.
I am always on the hunt. If you have a favorite sauce/dressing/condiment, please share!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How many times...

Am I going to start a post and not get it out there? OK, this time it's happening. To ensure that, it is going to be brief and to the point about what has been going on since my last post.
  • Happy belated: Thanksgiving, B-day to me, Christmas, and New Year's.
  • Moved hubby back to TX. (Packing, cross-country drive, etc.)
  • Bought a new house in TX (found, offer, purchase, and closed. It's ours - wow.).
  • Prepared "old" house in TX to be put on market.
  • "Old" house (TX) is now listed (anyone looking for a really nice house? tee hee)
  • Worked out enough to stay within range.
  • Have joined the January frenzy at the gym and feeling maybe a little bit re-energized (not going to lie, it's just a little bit!)
Now I am off to catch up on everyone. I am sure it will take days!