Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eight years...

I used my fingers and getting close to needing my toes to confirm it has been eight years! My math is right, huh? The demise of g reader really took the wind out of my sails blogging wise when I lost links to the blogs I followed and maybe it was really the remainder of the wind as I sure wasn't posting often!

I've continued from where I left off last year and the post from last November has detailed information should anyone be interested. 

But what has changed? I guess me emotionally. I'm more settled and comfortable in this version of me. I workout often, but I also skip at times just 'cause. I completed four half marathons this year and my cheerleader husband is pushing me to run a full. Who knows, never say never. 

I will continue to check in at least every November. I hope this post finds people where they wanted to be and for anyone just starting out to know that you can get there. (Really you can!) Be well.