Friday, April 02, 2010

Chicken Wings

MMMmmmm, no not the hot spicy ones that are so good drowned in bleu cheese dressing, but my arms! I have always had tiny arms. Tiny as in scrawny. Itty bitty wrists and then these sticks. Now don't get me wrong the sticks have varied in size (unfortunately), but much like a chicken had always not been strong. Well let me tell you, this boot camp torture has been worth it just for the arm factor! My bff said, "holy crap, there's actually a muscle there!" HA HA!

So week two has ended with my focus being on form. It was a great week honestly. I worked hard and seriously enjoyed myself. After some convincing of my husband, I have also signed up for the next camp! Week 3 - thinking of what my goal should be. Week 1 - survival; Week 2 - form. I think Week 3 will be to "push it". Meaning that when the leader says that you should be full intensity, I am going to focus on going all out. I should be dead by the end of the week.

I did get on the scale. No loss of weight at all. Still in range though. I hear: Well muscle weighs more than fat. Here's my personal opinion on that. While I have likely increased my strength and gained a bit of muscle - stressing 'bit", what I think is happening is that I am losing fat. A lb of fat is the same as a lb of muscle. Seriously think about it - a lb is a lb. So what's the difference? The volume of fat to make up a lb is more than the volume of muscle. Meaning that you can be shrinking fat wise and not see it so much on the scale, but feel it in your clothes. I can honestly say that my clothes are looser, but dang it I sure wish I would have measured myself! (If anyone is out there - learn from my mistake - take your measurements. You'll be glad you did.) I had intentions of measuring, but I couldn't find the measuring tape when I was going to do it and then boot camp started. Oh well, maybe for the next 4 weeks.

I have been catching up on a lot of blogs. I still see the trend of I can eat too much, I can eat this or this and shouldn't be able to, etc. I have this post from some time ago here that talks about fills. Of course, I think it's a good  post (HA), but bottom line it's only a TOOL people. You STILL have to make good choices. It's not an easy fix or a quick fix. So what does it do? If you follow the correct portion size, it *should* help you eat less. Eat less of good choices that is!!! Anyway, I'm on my soap box. Maybe it's spurred on by the fact that Easter is Sunday and I am a candy FREAK. Guess what people? You can eat as much candy as you want. : (

Unfortunately I know two other people that are banded that have not done well. Why? Lack of change of behavior. You HAVE to change your behavior. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not being truthful, doesn't realize their own behaviors have changed, or are just really freakin' LUCKY! So, it's a tool, good choices, and yes - EXERCISE!!!

Happy Easter or Passover to everyone!!

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