Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Push It?

In my last post I said that week 3 of bootcamp would be to "push it". Well, I've been pushing, but it seems just to be able to keep up! I gardened (major weeding, removal of mulch, re-mulching, etc.) from sun up to sun down on Saturday and Sunday. Uh, hello? Gardening IS a workout! How do I know? My hamstrings were SO TIGHT on Monday that it wasn't until halfway through that I started to loosen up. The ass kicker (my pet name for the bootcamp instructor) even noticed and asked me what was up. On and off yesterday I stretched and stretched my hamstrings hoping that they would loosen up. I can't say they are back to "normal", but they do feel better today and I didn't feel as tight (or scared that I was going to hurt myself!) at camp today.

Funny thing though - only my hamstrings felt it from the gardening. I must be getting a decent overall workout, but looks like ongoing I need to get more hamstring work in. Oh, and lesson learned: when doing extensive gardening marathons - I need to stretch now and then and definitely after!

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Darlin1 said...

Hey Fluffy,

Glad to see that you are a long time bander and still an active blogger. I am new to this ---so I can gain a lot of insight from you---Thanks!