Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Am I sandbagging?

Bootcamp round 2 started on Monday. With a week of "rest" (exercised, but no bootcamp), I have been rolling through it. Round 1 I was sore as crap some days. So far, not so much. Am I sandbagging? I don't think so, but I am starting to wonder. I keep thinking, shouldn't I be sore? Am I really working as hard as I can? What should I be doing differently? I did increase the weights that I use - when we use them - to 10lbs each. The first class I used 8. Maybe I need to push it up to 12? Or how 'bout this for a thought? Why don't I just ask the asskicker? Yes, an "a-ha" (more of a DUH) moment as I typed this up. See - another bonus for blogging!

I love to watch Biggest Loser. I watched last night and was horrified to find out that 5 of the top 10 fattest cities are in TEXAS! Not something to be proud of. Then the next scary thing is that they were saying that in some short period of time (can't remember) they are projecting that 75% of the Texas population will be classified as overweight or obese. YIKES!

Man, those people have lost some major weight! I think the blond girl (pink team shirt) is going to have quite a significant apron (kinda looks like she does already). Ii have wondered that about many of the current and past contestants and if after being on the show they chose to have plastic surgery. I've been waiting for next week - it's makeover week! I think Daris is going to end up being really cute.

But my favorite? Jillian. Oh Jillian, how I think you have the BEST body! So much so that I purchased her 30 day shred video to integrate into what I am doing. Actually I purchased it a couple weeks ago and have yet to do it! DOH!

OMG - I have GOT to find a swimsuit! I don't know about you guys, but I think shopping for a swimsuit SUCKS! Either, I don't like any of them, too low, too high, too small, too big. Always TOOOOO something. Sunkist Amy had a picture posted of herself in a really cute Target swimsuit. I had not thought to look there, so I checked online and ordered a bunch of them (free shipping and also store return) to try on here in the comfort of my own home. : ) Why the emergency? Cause we now live in a stupid house that has a POOL!! HAHAHAHA - Seems like I should have a swimsuit, huh?

Where have you found swimsuits? If you know of "the" place, please let me know.

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