Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 4 already?

Who would have thought that I would hit week 4 of bootcamp and be thinking - huh, it's week 4 already? Well it is and that's what I'm thinking! I didn't "exercise" this weekend and it certainly paid off giving my body a rest. I am sure I would have felt guilty, but unfortunately sometime on Friday my knee popped and then went to throbbing pain. It was so bad at one point that I just laid on the couch watching the Masters. I stayed off it for the most part (only walking when necessary) for the rest of the day. On Saturday, I could tell it was feeling better, but still hobbling around. Sunday I was walking, but tentative (and yep, feeling a bit guilty for being a sloth!). Remained on limited use and today at bootcamp had that "scared feeling" that I would hurt myself. Warmed up really well and took it a bit easy on the squats on that side, but overall all systems GO!

Looking back at my bootcamp so far, am I glad I invested the money and am doing it? Yes. Overall my fitness has improved and I am definitely in the groove. So why do I feel a little blue? CAUSE THE F-ING SCALE IS SHOWING ME AT 142!!! I can't remember if I had said the scale was up in earlier posts, but I think I had cause I had gotten on my rampage about muscle. Do I think I have gained muscle - most likely a little, but more so I'd say my fat has gone down. I would have expected overall to be at the lower end of my range and yep, I am disappointed about it. It's just a reality when I am KILLING myself that I want the FRICKIN' scale to also reflect it.

Do my clothes fit differently? Honestly, I am not sure. Sometimes I think they do and other times I think they don't. What should I have done? Taken my measurements!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - man, this post didn't seem to start off as a rant, but it should has turned into one! Anyway, I do have MUS-CLES in my arms and I'm expecting that on Friday when I re-do the fitness test in bootcamp that I will show an improvement from where I was. So self, get over it!

Goal of Week 4 camp is to continue to put it out there "Biggest Loser" style (last chance workout reference) and to ensure that I am eating enough and small meals throughout. I want to see if I am more mindful of eating small meals more frequently if I can avoid my end-of-week drain. Then a week off and bootcamp ROUND 2 begins!!!

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