Friday, April 09, 2010

If it moved...

I ate it yesterday! Have you ever had one of those days where you are just HUNGRY? I am talking real hunger all day long? Well that was me yesterday. I kept asking myself: Are you hungry? Or is this something else? If you are hungry, then you can eat something healthy and if you want it then you really are truly hungry. I ate at 2-3 hour intervals all day yesterday. By the time it was dinner, I wasn't hungry and didn't eat any.

Do I think this is something to be concerned about? Not at all. I was hungry and I was listening to my body. Why do I think this happened? I don't think I ate enough the day before, I have the bootcamp every day, and I think there might be some "hormonal flux" in there as well. Yes, "hormonal flux" is a medical term (according to me - HA!). Since having a hysterectomy, I swear that I have a "phantom" period. I have tracked this for a couple months and can see the same pattern prior to the hysterectomy which is a few days prior I would have a bigger appetite which would then subside and I really wouldn't be hungry much at all. My philosophy is not to fight my body. If I'm hungry, I eat. But I am sure that when I do it is good choices vs. crap. If all I want is "crap", that's a DING DING DING - you aren't hungry - you are eating EMOTIONALLY! Step AWAY from the food. :)

I am planning on taking two whole days off from any strenuous physical activity. My body is feeling worn out! Week 4 of bootcamp starts next week and I'll pick things up again then. That doesn't mean that I plan to just sit on my ass, but will do work outside in the yard and maybe an easy walk. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates with these plans! Happy weekend!

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julie said...

I totally have days like that. I'm usually good about making healthy choices...but not always. I just try to do better next time and not beat myself up too much.

I hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing weekend with cooperative weather!