Sunday, April 18, 2010

WHAT? 100 POUNDS????

That's right! I stood on the scale before heading out of town and I am not kidding you, I have lost 100 pounds! Four weeks of bootcamp completed. I think I had said that I was staying pretty much at the high end of my range? (138-142 is my range, I had been bumping between 140 and 142). I stood on the scale on Friday and my weight was 134 lbs!!!!!! Low and outside my range and ya know I am one of those "this has GOT to be a fake weight" type of people, so who the hell knows. But at least I can honestly say that I lost 100 lbs.! Does it still count if it's only for a day? ; )

Will I stay at this new weight? I'm not sure. Will the scale "cooperate"? Will it be a weight that is "reasonable" to maintain? Should I now consider altering my range? I'm just not sure. For the past 4 weeks, I have been literally working my ass off. It's not realistic that I will maintain this activity level year round. I'm just being honest. It's a lot of effort (some days too much) and there's also the $$$. So, I'll see what the next few weeks bring and go from there. I anticipate going up next week (my guess would be back within my range) as I ALWAYS gain weight (even temporarily) after flying. It's just a fact, but a good one to know otherwise some major freaking out could occur. (ha)

I am on a weekend getaway with my husband. The first day I had dessert, but otherwise eating was reasonable. That was Friday, so I had bootcamp as well that day (exercise = check). Saturday we did a 6.6 mile hike up hundreds of feet in elevation with a lot of snow. That night we had snacks for dinner with some wine. Dessert was 3 small cookies and 1/2 Hershey's bar. I didn't feel bad about any of it. I think I have mentioned that my maintenance involves eating incredibly "on plan" during the week and cutting myself slack on the weekend? So, this is inline with my personal maintenance.

Not sure what's up for today, there might be a hike, but looking for an easier one than yesterday as that was also the intended plan (easy hike) to give my knee a rest. That didn't really happen, but I was a good girl and iced it and also went in the hot tub for a soak.

I hit goal weight on July 11, 2007 (149 lbs. A lost of 85 lbs.). This was the goal that my doctor set for me. I just felt chubby at that weight and decided that if I took off another 10 lbs. that I would feel better.  I think I have been maintaining my range weight of 138-142 for over two years at this point (sorry too lazy to figure it out by going back to old posts). I am more shocked than anything at this point, but wanted to be sure that even if I never saw 134 on the scale again that I at least had it logged in my blog that technically I did lose 100 lbs. : )


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Congratulations!! Your an inspiration to us!