Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seriously? A frickin' B???

OMG - My boobs are G-O-N-E! I was wearing a tight t-shirt and husband pokes top of boob and says, "What's that?" Well, what it was was NOTHING! My boobs had shrunk in my formerly current C sized cup. I am now a B! To top off the horror, we are not talking nice little B sized boobies. We are talking B sized lost 100 lbs 40 (OK, 41) year old boobies. NOT NICE!

Oh where oh where have my boobies GONE? And can someone PLEASE give them back to me? While the scale recently took a  bit of a dive, I knew that I was "shape shifting" from bootcamp (ass kicker is aptly named). My tailored clothes were definitely getting looser and I had noticed the "issue" with my bra, but DENIAL was just better. I have definitely been losing body and boob fat.

So, I had to get new bras this weekend. Did I say B sized bras??? (Waaaaaaaaaa) I may or may not be able to adjust to these boobs. Just being honest. I am finding that I am quite self-conscious about them. I was whining about wanting my boobs back and that I wanted boobs for my birthday. My husband was funny, he said, "well, I am NOT getting you boobs for your birthday." So I asked why and he said, "Oh sure, here's some boobs for your birthday 'cause your current boobs are not good enough for me." My response, "But that's not how I would take it, since I want them." He's so sweet, "If you want boobs, done. You can have boobs and you don't have to wait until your birthday." Honestly, that meant a LOT to me just hearing how supportive he was. I'm a lucky girl.

So what to do? Nothing. That's my current plan. I am going to see how I feel about them as the months go on. I "think" I'd like to have some "bionic" boobs, but then I think about the surgery, recovery, etc. and I think, "do I really?". I'm just not sure. Only time will tell. (Maybe this is a sign that I should consider coming out of hiding for the big BOOBS event in Chicago????)


Jody V said...

Ok Sweetie,

Many of my friends have had them done and the recovery is quick. If that's what you want...go for it!!

Lots of luck! You give me such inspiration!


Fiona said...

I have the same fear. At the moment they are looking bigger because everything else is getting smaller but I know at some point they will end up looking like socks with the feet taken out. Really nice to hear your hubby's lovely comment though. Bet that made all the difference?
Well done and take care x