Thursday, April 15, 2010


OMG - I ate dinner last night. Not a problem. Right amount. Stuff I've eaten before, etc. Dinner was seriously a non-event. But about 10 mins after eating, I was told some very upsetting information. Stress makes me TIGHT. And seems like it can happen kinda quickly. So, I was starting to not feel good and tried to calm myself down. NOPE! An hour later I was SICK. And, it wasn't just once either. It was one of those that once it started it just kept going. The last time this happen from what I can figure out was here....August of 2009! Go figure.

I was miserable last night. I'd fall asleep and guess what? I'd wake up barfing! OMG HORRIBLE!!! I woke up for bootcamp. (Yep, I went!) My stomach was SORE! It was super sore all day. Nothing but liquids for me. I also think that I was a touch dehydrated between the barfing and the bootcamp. I am finally feeling better now.

I guess I just needed to whine a little!

Last day of bootcamp is "officially" tomorrow. There are two make up days next week. I'll be attending one of them to find out how much I have improved. Then the following week is week 1 of Round 2!

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