Monday, August 17, 2009

Yep, it still happens...

Nearly 4 years later and yep - food still gets stuck. That's right people - I got stuck. Chicken skewers with some sauce. That's all I had. For me, the mistakes are as follows:
  1. I usually try to have a mixture of food. It seems to keeps food moving. Eating just one type of 'real' bandster food can lead to getting stuck for me. Everyone is different.
  2. Eating at a bar at the actual 'bar'. Too many people and NOT paying attention. Talking and eating. What I refer to as not eating consciously.
  3. Hindsight - eating too fast, not paying attention, bites too big, not chewing enough, not eating consciously...what does this mean? STUCK!!!!
I felt fine at first, but a while later you banded readers know all the symptoms and what happens without me going into the details. It was NOT pretty.

Funny thing (ok maybe ironic) - I swear this was the worst stuck experience I have ever had (Yep, worst than this one, but look - similarities!). My stomach hurt so badly afterwards and the next day that I honestly started to panic. I did the "absolutely nothing" for 4 hours and then sipped some water. It went down, but I still felt like crap. Had a few sips of water after that and nothing else period. All I had the next day was liquid and not a lot. My stomach still hurt. I figured OK, still keeping down liquids. Just give it some time.

Day 3 - still liquids, but tummy is feeling better. That night I had some mushy stuff and all still good. It's day 4 and I'm still only doing liquids most of the day with mushies in the evening. Feeling much much better - back to normal essentially and will try regular bandster food tomorrow.

I just wasn't in the mood to pay the $150 bucks to get essentially the instructions that I followed--my provider says that as long as you are keeping down liquids see how it goes. I am not advocating the approach I took above at all nor my provider (you should always follow the guidance of your provider), I'm just explaining why I didn't go to the doctor. (And, I'm writing like there are readers. That kinda makes me chuckle.)

I do expect that I will feel tight when I eat bandster food tomorrow. Let's be real - there HAD to be some major irritation, but if it is in anyway just not 'normal' tight I'll be making an appointment. The past few days have put a wrinkle in not only eating, but also going to the gym. The last thing on my mind was working out (ha). Going to try to get back to the gym as well tomorrow.


Tracey said...

Of course there are readers. THanks for sharing. It is so good to read the blog of a bandster who is a few years out from their surgery. It really gives me hope that this isn't a peter pan fix. Know what I mean?


Fluffy said...

Hi Tracey!
Thanks for the comment. And congratulations on the baby. I have your blog in my reader and get the updates. You look FANTASTIC! I agree that having the blogs of new, in progress, and 'old' bandsters is quite helpful. It actually keeps me mindful of what I need to continue to do, etc. for long-term success as well as how far I have come.

JenniferX said...

Ditto what Tracey said!

I'm sorry to hear you had the stuck incident, but it sounds like you did the right thing for recovery. Just give everything time to heal on its own and not push it. I hope you are well and healthy!

Fluffy said...

Thanks Jennifer! Hey, I took a look at your blog - Keep up the good work! I wanted to let you know though that you should consider getting a few nice things along the journey clothing wise. You deserve it! What I did was purchase jackets or cardigans and I bought them smaller than I needed, but not too small that they looked like it. I just wasn't able to button them as then they looked too small. It was also an added bonus when I was able to button them! For some though this doesn't work so well because they start feeling bad because it doesn't fit. I chose to look at it as an opportunity to get something nicer without feeling guilty and knowing that I WOULD fit in it. Take care,