Monday, August 31, 2009

Workout Post

In an effort to stay on track, there might be a whole lotta here's what I did posts. I find like many others that it increases my initiative, etc. I'm going away for a family visit from Friday - Tuesday (Labor Day weekend here in the States), so there will be no 'defined' exercise and likely not the best choices in food available, so I am attempting to take a pre-emptive strike at the damage.
  • Friday- Plod (again) - 60 mins on treadmill (including warm up and cool down) - 4.6 miles
  • Saturday - jog - 15 mins on treadmill (including warm up and cool down) - 2.5 miles / 1 hour walk on beach
  • Sunday - 1 hour walk on beach
  • Monday - varied - 70 mins on treadmill (including warm up and cool down) - 5 miles
I want one of those tracker things that Nike makes and goes on your shoe (it fits on some Nike shoes, but that is not my shoe of choice). The problem is the stupid thing works with a Nano, iTouch, or iPhone. I have a Shuffle that I use when I work out and have an iTouch. But I am not a fan of having to strap a gadget to my arm and if you have seen an iTouch/iPhone, they are pretty big. I'm not even totally convinced that I'd like a Nano on my arm and it would cost roughly $140 for that and another $20 for the Nike gadget. OK, I think I have convinced myself it is a definite luxury item. But it tracks miles and stuff and syncs to a website...yes, I know I'm a nerd. : )

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Angi said...

I have an iPhone which is huge. I usually just set it on the machine that I'm using (I'm on the elliptical mostly) and the cord is long enough that it doesn't get in my way. If I'm out running I pin a folded down sock under my shirt and slide my phone into there. A little ghetto, but it keeps it out of my way and it's not on my arm.

- Angi