Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To Fill or Not To Fill

I read a lot about people thinking that they need a fill. And, maybe they really do, but I wanted to share my thoughts on fills. The band is a tool. You must use it as such and you must make good choices...

Do you really really need a fill? Or maybe you just need...
  • An eating change
  • A behavior change
  • An activity change
An eating change
  • Are you eating what your provider told you what you are supposed to eat? Or are you eating crap? Be honest.
  • Are you avoiding liquid calories?
  • Are you eating the correct portion size? Seriously, try it. You will likely see that if you measure everything and quit when full or when the food is gone that within about 15-20 mins that you are full. (Brain delay is what I call it.)
  • Are you avoiding soft foods?
A behavior change
  • Are you eating only 3 times a day? Or if truly hungry and not head hungry making a wise choice in snacks?
  • Are you eating breakfast? (Even if a liquid one...My experience anyway was without breakfast of some sort it stalled my weight loss.)
  • Are you eating CONSCIOUSLY? Paying attention to indications that you really are full? (Some people experience a runny nose, a burp, etc.)
  • Are you grazing between meals?
  • Are you drinking liquids while you eat?
  • Are you eating when you aren't hungry?
An activity change
  • Are you moving? Like real exercise?
  • Walk. No excuses not to. Work up the time if you have to, but I'd suggest 30 mins every day or with one day off. If you increase the time, then you can shorten the number of days.
  • Get a pedometer. Walk 10,000 steps a day.
  • EVERYONE has the time. Be honest about how much you sit around or watch TV. You can watch the TV at the gym while you are walking on the treadmill.
Bottom line - if you are or are not doing the things above as appropriate to what I suggested and are not losing weight, then I think you need a fill. If you aren't doing these things and aren't losing weight, then I don't think you need a fill. That's my two cents and I'm sticking to it!

Exercise so far this week:
  • Mon - 125 mins
  • Tues - 122 mins
  • Wed - 95 mins


Zena said...

Good advice Fluffy.

But then if I was doing all those things I wouldn't be fat and need a band. But I think I understand the message you are trying to get across.

Zenaxx ;0)

Chrysalis said...

Excellent post. Having been through "do I or don't I" a few times myself, I have struggled to be honest with myself about falling into bad habits. We should have learned at the beginning that the band is just a tool and there are rules that we have to follow to ensure that it works correctly.

julie said...

Really great tips. I just had my lap band surgery last week, so I'm still learning about how to use it as a tool, not as the "reason". I'm going to save this post as one of my Favorites on my computer so I can refer to it in the future when I'm struggling to lose. Thanks for the motivation!!