Monday, December 08, 2008

SIX Pounds??? What the )(#*$)@(#$?

Yep, Monday - official weigh in day and I am up SIX pounds. There is NO way that I ate 21,000 extra calories to make up the SIX pounds, but that is what the scale says today so I am recording it. Seriously, that is what it would take to gain SIX pounds. 21,000 EXTRA calories above what my body needs to stay alive and activity!
  • Did I eat things that were not the best choices? Yes, I was out of town for my birthday.
  • Did I drink alcohol? Yes, but seriously not as much as I thought I would. And, mixer was diet soda.
  • Did I exercise? Nope, not like I normally do, BUT we walked everywhere. So, it wasn't like I was just sitting and eating the whole time. (Only one day last week of 'real' gym exercise.)

Theory: water weight. WAY more salt and other no so good stuff than normal and definitely not enough water/liquids consumed. (Well, except alcohol.)

Let's just say that my behind will be at the gym this week and I will see most if not all of this gain OFF next Monday when I weigh in.

Goals for this week:
  • Gym one day off only.
  • Count points. Stay within them.
  • Drink enough liquids (I don't say water cause I hate water. I drink a lot of tea. And yep - caffeine in it, but don't care. I can't give up everything!)
  • DON'T obsess! I have given myself permission to obsess until 5:00 today. After that - done!
And yes, I did give myself permission and all that other stuff, but as I said at the beginning - my irritation is there is NO way I had that many extra calories. I thought maybe 3 or 4 lbs max - which still seems like a lot to me - but never did I imagine SIX! And, I am venting for all of your reading pleasure! HA!

Current weight: 141.5!!! That's right - back up in the 140's (previous 135.5 lbs). OK, I think I'm done for the moment...gotta catch up on everyone else. :-)


Melanie said...

Mmm, that has to be miscellaneous water weight or hormonal gain - hate those scales when they go the wrong way.

Zena said...

Sounds like you had a good time for your birthday-except the weight gain, Did you weigh same time of day as normal? that makes a difference but then you know that, I am not trying to tech you how to suck eggs as they say, just trying to help you to feel better, ;0), I reckon Mel is spot on (as usual, she is very wise you know) water weight has alot to answer for.


smiles said...

pounds shmounds - you're better off talking kilos when you put on such small amounts (what matters is, did you enjoy yourself?). Instead of 6 pounds, convert it and then whinge about putting on 2.7 kilos. Sounds much better!
I'm sure that weight has dropped off already.
Don't beat yourself up - don't look back and no regrets.