Thursday, September 25, 2008


Surivor Gabon starts today! I'm excited. (Remember in the last post I explained that I needed to get a life. HA!) I think the tightness was a mix of irritation and hormones. I'm feeling looser and have been eating hard protein (well chewed of course) with no issues. So, glad I still have my little .2 in my band. Nope, that isn't a typo. My band is nearly empty. I wanted to keep that little smidge in there more for comfort than anything else. It's weird, but if you have been banded for a while you know what I am talking about.

Um, Lance Armstrong. Thought you retired? Personally, I'm over you. Put your bike helmet up for good. It really irritates me when professional athletes go through all this - I'm retiring - last race - last game - watch me - last time - and then they come back! Seriously. It bothers me. I think they miss the adulation more than anything...or else they wasted/lost all their money and have to do it for that!

And another random comment, Jessica Simpson. Before you turned 'country', had a reality show, etc. you didn't have that 'twang'. Yep, you're from Texas, but I am calling major bullshit on you and your twang. And, I wish you would shut up about saying shit about the Cowboys. You're the girlfriend - not a player. Shut the hell up.

Wow, I am totally on a rant. So, I'll end with this. Went to the gym - 65 mins. :-)

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