Saturday, September 20, 2008

Made of Honor

Went out and met a friend for a drink. Had a good time. Got home early and stopped by the store first to get the last ingredient for the spicy, black-bean soup. Threw that together and then decided to put in Made of Honor. So far, it's cute. I don't have high expectations though so that probably helps.

I am considering stopping drinking entirely. I swear if I have ONE drink, I start getting hungry. But hello? That is not drunk hungry, so what the hell. Now, this is likely very big talk on my part. What is more likely is my current 2 drink max, 2 times, per week. For anyone that is paying attention, I do recognize that this week I totally blew that with the drunken binge, but it happens.

I went to the gym today. 75 mins in and on a more difficult level than normal. Yeah me! Might go tomorrow, but it is my official rest day. I'll see how it goes.

Last night I went out with the Nice Guy. He took me to this really nice wine bar and then for sushi. I love sushi. He is so sweet. I had a great time.

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