Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And today's workout...

First, let me stress I am on vacation today. So this is definitely not a normal mid-week workout. But I figured since all my friends are at work that I might as well get in a decent workout.

Total Time: 90 mins (stretch and cool down extra)
Activity 1: Eliptical - 9500 steps - 60 mins
Activity 2: Treadmill - 2.5 miles - 30 mins

I did a cool down and stretch, but am thinking that I might end up a bit sore tomorrow (higher resistance). Oh well, I find that even if I am sore it is important to go anyway, but exercise for a bit less time or at a lower resistance.

Things are getting easier for single bandsters that cook at home! I found salmon - individually vacuum sealed at Walmart. They are in 4 oz / 100 cal / 2 pt (Weight Watchers) servings. I sure hope that they are a hit, so they keep carrying them. I figure it might be a good bet as they are 'Sam's' brand.

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