Sunday, September 28, 2008


I had a breakdown on the food front yesterday. First I went to the movie with my best friend and we saw Nights at Rodanthe. (Definitely a chick flick, but we enjoyed it.) At the movies, the smell of the popcorn was just too much. Good news - at least I didn't have butter on it. So, no big deal....until after dinner.

My friends at Blue Bell - who make FABULOUS ice cream, came up with a new flavor. Snickerdoodle - it has snickerdoodle cookies in it, a praline ribbon throughout, AND it is CINNAMON ice cream. If you haven't had cinnamon ice cream, if you get a chance, at least taste it. It is so good. So, if I would have had a nice little serving - probably still wouldn't have been so bad. But I probably had more like four. Yep, really four. A serving is a 1/2 cup. Do you know how little ice cream a 1/2 cup is? Well, at least for me it is. It is a serving for ants. :-)

Damn band and ice cream - no effect on it. BUT ultimately it was a choice - a choice I made it both cases. And, dang it, it was good! The super bad news is that I definitely ate too much yesterday. I had the worst heartburn (reflux) last night. Because of that and likely overstuffing (stretching) my band, I might go ahead and do protein shakes for a couple meals - or at a minimum monitor my intake to exact portions (see right side of the blog). I do live by the rule though of measuring everything - except ice cream(!) - and think it is a good practice for any bandster to live by.

I do think that stress was a big factor in the choices I made. Not looking for excuses - more diagnosing why after 7 weeks this happened so easily. Job has been far from fabulous and Nice Guy while he is a really nice guy is most likely not for me. I am still trying to work that one out. Stayed tuned.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. Thinking it isn't going to be so good. Will post tomorrow.

Here's my exercise for the week. With the minimal alcohol intake, good eating (except for ice cream and popcorn), will it be enough for a loss?

Mon - 80 mins
Tues - 50 mins
Wed - 60 mins
Thurs - 65 mins
Fri - 60 mins
Sat - 60 mins
Sun - REST. It has been a while since I took a day off. I can feel it in my legs. I plan to take today off and just do chores around the house.

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