Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Suck...

Yesterday I was very productive. I cleaned the house (and I mean clean), laundry, and made some food for the week. I accidentally forgot about cooking 101. When you are measuring out seasonings, don't do it over the dish itself. Well, I did it and with pepper! Um, tad bit more in there than I wanted. I tried it yesterday and not sure how it will be as big surprise - it was peppery. Tried it again today and it was a bit better. I'll see when I actually try to eat some. I also made it to the gym for a 45 min workout. Today I may or may not go to the gym. It is officially rest day, so will see how it goes.

While there was a lot of productivity, I sucked last night. No way to sugar coat it than to say I was a bitch. I was out with the guy I'm seeing (referred to now as 'Nice Guy') and also some friends. Drinking, watching football, and generally having a good time. Then the Nice Guy said something that rubbed me the wrong way and I handled it poorly. I reacted and it was not nice and made the Nice Guy mad. He had every right to be and needless to say the evening went downhill. Don't you just love the silent treatment? Sigh - anyway, bottom line. I suck. I was wrong. I am starting to wonder if I am sabotaging? Why? Cause he is a 'Nice Guy'. I'll have to think on that more, but in the meantime will have to continue groveling.

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