Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why the Incline is Your Friend

I have been a big believer in the incline, but decided when I heard reference to this on Biggest Loser that I must not be an idiot! I was super athletic as a kid, teen, and adult through college, so my knees are not what they used to be and there is some cartilage damage and stuff like that. My goal is to not do anything about it until I have to and therefore I have to modify workouts a lot to get the calorie burn, heart rate, etc. that I would if I did more higher impact workers. The rub is higher impact = sore knees. So, for a long time, I have been a big fan of the incline on a treadmill. By putting the treadmill on the incline going the same speed you would if it was flat, you will see a dramatic increase in your heart rate and therefore a dramatic increase in calories burn. All with no running!

Here's an example, let's say your speed is 3.5 - put your incline to the same thing or higher - and then monitor your heart rate. You'll see it go up, feel more exertion, burn more calories, and get a waaaaay better leg workout. I am not a trainer or a doctor, so please ensure you do any appropriate checking beforehand, but please give it a go!

For cardio, if I'm not on the treadmill, it is the elliptical, or the revolving stairs. The stairs are amazing. Don't be scared of them. And, don't be afraid that you are going slow. Anyone that has actually been on these torture chambers KNOWS that they kick your ass (almost literally) and going longer on them is better. Start slow and work up to more time. On these things, I personally believe in a longer workout that a slow quick one - but that's me.

Here's this week's round up...
  • Mon - 75 mins
  • Tues - 60 mins
  • Wed - 60 mins
  • Thurs - 66 mins
  • Fri - 60 mins
  • Sat - REST
  • Sun - 90 mins
Tomorrow is weigh in day. Hoping that I will see a drop closer to the previous number. It has been an up/down, up/down, roller coaster. But must remember to be patient. My smallest clothes are fitting and everything else is too big. So the scale is going to have to catch up at some point.

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