Monday, October 20, 2008

Comment Responses and Weigh In...

Deb - Please let me know if you have any questions. I strongly believe that there is no such thing as a stupid one. Getting banded is a big decision. Good luck with the doc in November.

Kathleen - First, congratulations on the 150 lbs you lost!

I was actually totally average/normal whatever you want to call it as a child. Had some challenges (minor) in high school, but related to a move in schools. In fact, I had stayed thin throughout my twenties as well. The problems started in my 30's and battling severe depression. I found that if I have a picture taken that I can see my 'real' size. It is very bizarre and the other day I didn't recognize myself in a picture. Like you said, I might never get over it.

Your comments on vanity sizing were so interesting that I am going to post them here...

You're friend is right and there is no such thing as vanity sizing. In a nutshell, designers size their garments to their demography. Contrary to popular opinion, wealthy people are thinner. Therefore, expensive designer apparel is sized smaller ("true to size") than inexpensive items. Even a designer sizes differently according to each of their labels. Ex, Ralph Lauren puts out 7 different lines, each priced to a different demography. His high end purple label is sized at least two sizes smaller than his lowest end line of tees and hoodies. There's more info here if you're interested.

There's links at close to more entries in the series. Btw, I'm a pattern maker in the apparel industry but I'm no apologist, the industry is guilty of many sins but vanity sizing isn't one of them.

First, I've never *met* a pattern maker. That is seriously cool! The information you shared is extremely interesting! Thank-you for sharing it with me. I am going to check out the link you provided as well, but haven't had a chance to do so yet.


Yippeeee! A small loss, but still a loss. Wondering if it might have been a bit more considering my exercise for the week, but had sushi (look out soy sauce!) last night. Note to self: Having a salt-fest the night before you weigh in is probably not a good idea.
  • Week 1 - 8/19 - 155.5 lbs - DOWN 3 lbs (My body was in shock. Let's be real. First week, I always see something)
  • Week 2 - 8/26 - 156 lbs - UP .5 lb
  • Week 3 - 9/2 - 155.5 lbs - DOWN .5 lb (notice same .5)
  • Week 4 - 9/9 - 155.5 lbs - SAME (drastic measures called for. switch weigh in day.)
  • Week 5 (Switch to Mondays) - 9/15 - 153 lbs - DOWN 2.5 lbs
  • Week 6 - 9/22 - 151. 5 lbs - DOWN 2 lbs
  • Week 7 - 9/29 - 147.5 lbs - DOWN 4 lbs
  • Week 8 - 10/6 - 150.5 lbs - UP 3 lbs
  • Week 9 - 10/13 - 146 lbs - DOWN 4.5 lbs
  • Week 10 - 10/20 - 145.5 lbs - DOWN .5 lbs

I think this is a very good week for exercise!
  • Mon - 80 mins
  • Tues - 70 mins
  • Wed - 70 mins
  • Thurs - 70 mins
  • Fri - 70 mins
  • Sat - Komen 5K
  • Sun - 110 mins - **OK, yes this is a little excessive. I did my normal workout and the football game was on. I figured rather than going home and putting my ass on the couch that I might as well just walk the treadmill on an incline. So that's what I did.
I've also decided that on my day off from the gym that there is no reason that I can't go for a walk. This week proved that. Komen - while it was a 5K (3.2 miles) - has nearly 40,000 racers (original Dallas race) and you are going at a leisurely pace not necessarily by choice, but by traffic! So far there have been no ill effects from doing it, but if I do feel sore (which I do a bit today) - I'm blaming it on the length of Sunday's workout anyway!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Deb said...

I have been overweight my whole life. I remember a traumatic incident when I was in the first grade. We had weight/height day. As we weighed the helper told the teacher who was across the room our weight/height. In the first grade I weighed 110 lbs. I have gone up and down ever since. I think I've been on a diet my whole life.

Deb said...

I do have a question. I am a huge iced tea drinker with my meals. Did you have trouble getting used to not drinking during meals? I can't imagine not taking a drink while I am eating. Does your mouth get dry?

Fluffy said...

Hi Deb - it takes a bit of practice and discipline, but it gets easier. It is important not to drink because it can do two things: 1 - stretch / dilate your pouch and/or 2 - flush the food through your pouch.

Here's what I do though and while you will see contradictions to this - my surgeon and others here in texas say it is not an issue. I drink all the way until my food arrives. In fact, if I think there is a risk that I might eat too much, I'll drink a bunch. It will actually make you a bit full before you even start eating. (There is some term for this, but I can't think of it at the moment.) Then 30-60 mins after eating, I will drink again. (I try for 60, but at times it is 30.)

It is important to follow your surgeon's *rules* - but over time you will also figure out what works best for you.

The band is very unique from person-to-person. One thing I do want to stress is the band is not magic. It takes work and discipline. A friend of mine got one after seeing my success, but has not had the same experience. Why? Cause there was a 'magical' perception about it and the person chooses not to make good choices or follow the rules.

There are some people out there that do lose the weight without watching what they eat or exercising. I seriously wonder if that will last over time, but what do I know?

I can tell you this - I have to watch what I eat and I have to exercise, BUT I do feel full - which was what was key for me. I never felt full before and simply offset my intake through exercise.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

(And, know that I am not trying to sway you one way or the other, but providing you with things to think about and my personal experience.)