Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I hate my job

Seriously - I don't even think hate is a strong enough word. I don't want to go, of course I do though, and I dread every moment. Even the drive in. It has gotten so bad that even leaving for the day doesn't have the same impact it used to as I'll just have to go in again. Friday is a bit better...until Sunday. I don't know what to do. The economy is bad, company stock is bad, I'd miss out on a bonus...I have to stick it out until at least March of next year. I'll see how it goes, but thought it might help to at least put out here how much I HATE MY J-O-B!!!

AND, of course, it is having an effect on my sleep. Therefore, I am having a hard time getting up in the morning, which makes it very hard to get to the gym at 5:15 am. Yes, I am in a bitchy mood. The beauty is - no one has to read it! So there! ;-)

I will try to adjust my attitude - realize what is in my control, what is in my sphere of influence, what is neither and accept it. A tall order, but I will work on it. Otherwise, I'm not going to make it to March and end up depressed.

Gym: 60 mins. It might have been 65, but not sure - so 60 it is.

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