Sunday, October 05, 2008

Uh oh...

I stood on the scale. Yes, I realize it isn't Monday and I was so dang close as well to NOT getting on the damn thing! But I was weak! Oh well, it isn't official, but the great weight loss as I feared bounced back up. (I'll say how much tomorrow on OFFICIAL weigh-in day.)

I still think it likely has something to do with me going on liquids for 5 days. The good news is since Thursday - no reflux (heart burn) whatsoever and my restriction is back. Hence my theory, which I am 99.9% positive about, I had stretched (dilated) my pouch a bit. Unlike 95% of the banded population, you put me on liquids - and everything stalls. Sometimes scale even goes UP. Have no idea why and try not to think about it, but it was necessary for me to do it.

For anyone that is keeping track - 'Nice Guy' is history. I'm not sad about it at all, just a little irritated about what happened and how it ended. I had been thinking for a couple weeks that I wasn't that into him, so this was probably for the best. Honestly, I miss the idea of him (having plans with a guy on the weekend, etc.) than I miss him. That definitely should be an indicator that this was not a 'love connection'.

There isn't much on my 'guy list' - but doing what you say you are going to do and being where you say you are going to be ON TIME is important. Being 50 mins late, wondering why I'm irritated, and saying that I am being ridiculous is not acceptable. OH, and then going off in a huff and not calling the next day only adds to it. (Maybe I'm still not completely over it, huh?!) I take great satisfaction that a friend of mine told me that he heard that 'Nice Guy' was at a bar after getting totally plowed. So plowed in fact that he could barely walk. Hmmm, would that because you felt GUILTY? (At least that is what I'm sticking with.) Good grief.

It has been a busy weekend. Hanging out with friends, doing some chores (which I am behind on and trying to catch up on now), shopping (ahhhhh, I love shoes), getting hair done, etc. Wow! That is a lot.

Here's my gym recap for the week. Notice two days off, but I went ahead and did a longer workout today. Will report in with the not good weight news officially tomorrow.
  • Mon - 60 mins
  • Tues - 60 mins
  • Wed - 60 mins
  • Thurs - REST
  • Fri - 56 mins
  • Sat - REST
  • Sun - 101 mins

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