Thursday, October 09, 2008


Doesn't good music just make gym torture better? Personally, I think so. I recently added to my ipod (which I love - see post somewhere about that - there's a picture too!) some dance music. It is perfect for getting me going and making sure I get my speed and heart rate up. Check it out!
  • Lady GaGa - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  • Lady GaGa - Just Dance
  • Lady GaGa - Poker face
Yes, I know it is all Lady GaGa, but trust me you need to give it a listen. It just makes you want to move!

Gym today: 66 mins. Yep, I count every stinking minute and so should you. This was an evening workout. Normally I do the morning thing. That way 'something' doesn't come up, which for me has been a problem in the past. I was going to take today off and rest, but then decided to go. I am trying to convince myself that 5 days a week is enough, but what happens is that I start thinking well what if I don't want to go on X day? I better just go. Guess when I think about it that is the best use of the what if game EVER!!!!

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