Saturday, October 11, 2008

My New Gadget (Hopefully)

In late December/early January, I should be receiving my pre-ordered fit bit tracker. For those of you watching Biggest Losers, you might have noticed that they are wearing a monitor on their arm. That isn't the fit bit, but is another device that functions very similarly. The biggest differences are the size, the cost, and NO ongoing website payments. It is one cool little gadget and only 100 bucks.

It will help me know: Did I get enough exercise today? How many calories did I burn? Am I getting good quality sleep? How many steps and miles did I walk today? The Fitbit Tracker helps you answer these questions. Sweet, huh?

Here's some other stuff from the website...

You can wear the Fitbit Tracker loosely in your pocket, clipped to your pants, shirt, bra or to your wrist when you are sleeping. You can wear it all day!

The Fitbit Tracker is wireless. Walk within 25-50ft of the provided basestation and your data will be automatically uploaded to the Fitbit website. The auto-sync software runs on both Macs and PC's.

View calories, steps and distance on the Fitbit Tracker itself. You can login to the Fitbit website to see even more detailed data and also participate in collaborative fitness goals with friends, family and co-workers.

I can't wait until it gets here! (My only concern is that they are seeing if they get enough orders to go into production. So, please check it out. I want one!!! Think of how many times you have wasted money on weight loss 'stuff'. This is only a drop in the bucket AND will tell you when you are being a sloth.)

I think I am taking today off from the gym, but not sure. Still plenty of time to go. I could just go and do an easy workout. Workouts so far this week have been good...
  • Mon - 75 mins
  • Tues - 60 mins
  • Wed - 60 mins
  • Thurs - 66 mins
  • Fri - 60 mins
  • Sat -????

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