Friday, October 24, 2008

Stand Up Straight!

Remember how your mom used to tell you that? Well, as with a lotta things, my dang mom was right! And this is most important at the gym. As you know, I'm a fan of the elliptical and treadmill on an incline to manage my knee problems. I just have to have a little-itty-bitty rant about how good posture is important.

Good posture will give you a good workout and use the muscles that are intended to be worked out while ensuring others are not being pulled and strained in a way they shouldn't be. Do not hunch over people! I cannot tell you how many people I have seen do this. It isn't good for you and honestly you aren't getting as much out of your workout as you could be.

So, what's the correct posture? Again, not a doctor or a trainer, but here's my thoughts for the elliptical: stand up straight (back straight) with your shoulders back. Pretty much everything else will align where it is supposed to when you do this. Keep in mind your core and tighten your abs. You do this during your workout and those places that the machine says are supposed to be working out (some combination of hams, quads, butt, and calves) will be worked out and I bet you feel it.

Whew - I feel better now! :-) I haven't worked out yet today. Yesterday gym: 70 mins.

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