Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jell-O is My Friend

When I am convinced I am hungry, but it is too early to eat - or I've already had a snack - I pull out my trusty friend - Sugar Free Jell-O and eat one of those. I like all the flavors and keep them on hand at all times. Gotta love a snack that kinda fills you up and only has 10 calories!

My other favorite is the Sugar Free Jell-O pudding. When I am looking for something creamy and a treat, I have one of these puddings. A surprising favorite flavor of mine is the dulce de leche. My friend convinced me to try it and it was a definite good call. (It does taste a bit artificial though, so you have been warned!)

I thought I might go to the gym for a second time today, but realized my legs were a little sore and I was over doing it. So instead I am blogging about Jell-O. Go figure!

Btw - the Jell-O is free Weight Watcher wise. The pudding is 1 pt.

Exercise today: 75 mins

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