Monday, November 14, 2005

Yum! Meatless Protein...Seriously

Who woulda thought? There are some really good meatless products out there! Over the weekend I had smoked sausage and tonight for dinner I had this spicy chicken. What is it you might ask? Well, let me go get the package...They are Boca products. I got them at Walmart. The added bonus is I swear they are going to be band-friendly eats. Excellent news!

Well, tomorrow is pre-op with Dr Benavides, my surgeon. I am sooo glad the surgery will soon be here, so I can get on with band hell. That is what people on the boards call the 4-6 weeks until your first fill. Mainly it is the post-op diet and feeling hungry. I figure if I have made it past Myohell, I can just ease on to Band Hell. lol Trading one hell for another.

Since the surgery is Wednesday, I am going with 1 day 'til surgery...I'll write again tomorrow to report anything from the appointment with Dr. B...

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