Saturday, November 26, 2005

Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh! Still 20 Pounds?!!

How is it possible that I am eating hardly anything and not losing weight anymore? It just isn't fair. Plus I am getting to the point that eating my arm off sounds good! Still on Phase 1 of the diet - by the way - I have put all the phases in my blog - you can search for them if you want.

I am still wondering if I did something to my port. I certainly hope not as I am hoping to start Jazzercise right after I see the doc of December 7.

In an effort to find things to do to keep myself away from food, I've gotten all my Christmas cards done, picked up around the house, and started knitting a baby blanket for my friend that is having a baby. The knitting is really helping out. Only 3 more days to soft mushies. Who would have thunk it that I would be looking forward to blended soups, oatmeal, and cream of wheat?

20 pounds down
Really hungry for real food
No restriction
10 days post op
3 days til mushes

Ate today:
2 shakes
2 applesauce
Cranberry jelly
Tomato soup

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