Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yep, it is finally here. Day of surgery. Here's the day...

Went to the surgery center this morning at 7:30. Signed a ton of papers and then sat for about 5 mins. Then my name was called and it was back to get ready. The first shocker was I had to strip down TOTALLY! No panties, no nothing. I guess I figured I'd get to keep my panties on. Peed in a cup and then off to the pre-op room.

My best friend went with me and she was in there with me. Rounds of the usual questions, by the usual suspects and in went the IV. Had to have the IV in my hand rather than my arm because there weren't any good veins. This wasn't a big deal to me until a bit later which I'll get to. Dr. B came in and said howdy do and wanted to know if I had any last minute questions. Nope. Good to go. Then the sleep guy - can't spell the anathesiologist???---asked him how he knew I'd be asleep 'cause I had seen an episode on Nip/Tuck and was concerned that I'd be asleep and imobile and would feel things. Stupid, I know. Just wanted to be sure. He put some juice into my IV and headed out. Oh yeah, had to remind everyone that I wanted the small port 'cause Dr. B asked me to, so nobody would forget.

I laid there and started to feel drunk. After that I don't remember anything. I woke up and everything was done. The nurse told me that I had asked if my best friend had given me a hug -- we have a thing that when either of us have surgery you have to give each other a hug. She had of course, I just couldn't remember. We gotta a good laugh out of that.

So no pain --- drugs of course --- just felt some pressure. Got up and started walking around...and around and around. Seriously, I was up and moving. Felt fine. The nurse was surprised and said it was like I didn't even have surgery.

Then over to the x-ray place. Drank the yummy barium stuff and they checked out 'Ben' -- that's what I named my band. Everything checked out fine. Then back over to home base and was able to start sipping water. YUM! Gooooood water. Then more walking. It just felt better to walk then it did to sit down. Had to pee again so that I could get dressed. Regulation. No problem, if I could get dressed, I was all about that.

Got dressed. Had a swallow of some pain medication that I am supposed to take and was off again. More walking. 30 minutes later I was out the door. Piece of cake.

The surgery was uneventful. Thank goodness. Guess I'll have to start counting post-op days as that will be important for the diet. Today is day 0...

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