Saturday, November 19, 2005

Starting Weight / Goal Weight

So, I have gone back and forth on my starting weight. My official weigh in at the doctor put me at 234. I didn't weigh on my scale before that 'cause I just didn't really want to know how much I weighed! lol...anyway, I am using this as my official starting weight.

I lost 9 lbs. on the pre-op and the remainder I have lost since surgery. No surprise there since you are starved to death. Unlucky for me, I am one of those that is actually feeling hunger post-op. I read on the boards that many people went for a couple weeks on the liquid phase without feeling any hunger. Lucky for them! *sigh*

Goal weight - there is another dilemma. The doc said 149. Well, hell I don't wanna weigh 149 at the end of this (said in whiny tantrum voice). I'd rather weigh 139 or 136. Either one will work. I had put my goal weight at 136 on here before I met with the surgeon. I am going to leave it like that and see what I look like when I get to 149. He did say that was the high end of healthy weight and had no problem with me lowering the goal if I wanted to. Who knows? Too early to tell.

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