Thursday, November 10, 2005

6 days...8.5 pounds...

6 days to surgery. Or is it 5? I can't figure out if I should count the actual day of the surgery or not. Regardless, I am getting closer.

The pre-op diet continues. Myohell sucks the big one. I have been drinking other protein shakes in the place of it. It is so bad to me that I practically start gagging at the smell. Anyway, enough Myohell for me!

I can't remember what the scale said this morning, but I think I was 8.5 pounds down. Pretty cool. I better have one skinny liver by the time of my surgery! At least there is something to say for drinking that crap. I have also found that it has destroyed my appetite. That is also good. I have not felt the least bit hungry or deprived.

(Just in case anyone is reading this and wondering 'how long did it take to lose that', it has been 12 days.)

I would have thought that my clothes would be a bit looser, but to be honest they were so tight it would be hard to tell. Sad, but true.

6 days til surgery...

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