Friday, November 25, 2005

Hungry or Bored? Or What?

I am sitting here after just coming back from the store. I needed to pick up milk for my yummy shakes. While I was there, I ended up getting some sugar-free pudding mix (OK on this stage of diet), soup (for the next stage), and some cheeze whiz also for the next stage (I thought I'd use it as a flavoring).

The problem is, I came home and was hungry. I opened a can of Spaghetti O's and put the can in two containers. I had two teaspoons and then stopped myself. One, because it isn't on this stage of the diet and two, I just can't decide if I am hungry or I am bored.

So, let's review what I've eaten today: 1 shake (supposed to have three - not good); 1 venti latte -- two cups of milk; mushroom soup - 1 cup; coffee; two popsicles; and the two teaspoons of Spaghetti O's; and yogurt.

Stopped and moved on to another thing. Even if it is writing about eating. HA! I don't think I'm really hungry. If I am still wanting something to eat in 30 mins, then I will have applesauce (on diet). In the meantime, I will watch TV and drink some coffee.

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