Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Weight Gain Paranoia

Seriously, what the hell is the deal with weight-gain paranoia now that I am back where I want to be? I'm eating right and exercising, so as long as I continue my good habits and make good choices I should be fine and even get to my next stretch goal of 138. Grrrr - It's frustrating, but then good that I recognize it. I find that self-talk is a great tool. Or maybe it is just all the people in my head. :-)

Allergies suck for some reason right now in Texas. People that say they have never had allergies are complaining. I have the worst sore throat! I'm hoping with gargling hot salt water and hot tea that I can get it back in shape tomorrow. It made it very hard to workout this morning, but I did get in 75 mins.

Tonight I made cauliflower poppers. Man they are yummy and very easy to make. I am wondering if I my band is a bit too loose. I am eating more quantity wise, but going to leave my band as it is until I either start gaining weight or after my birthday in early December. I like being able to eat things (healthy) that I wasn't able to tolerate before, but honestly am not sure that me keeping up the level of exercise I am is realistic in the long term. I'd like to get to a spot where I workout 4-5 days a week (1 hour max), can eat reasonably, and maintain my weight.

(FYI - My band only has a fill of .2 in it. That's right .2. So that is practically empty. As I posted some time ago, they wanted to take it all out, but I have a mental dependency to having some fluid in it even if it is hardly anything.)

lapband bandster fill

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