Saturday, November 29, 2008


I got my first tattoo about a year ago I think. I had been thinking about getting another one because I had a design in mind, but it just wasn't a priority item. So, the original is on my right hip - below the panty line. My NEW one (ha) is on my left hip. Yep, I didn't tell anyone and went and did it last night. Why not tell anyone? Well, a tattoo is with you forever - kinda like your band - so I wanted to make sure it was my decision and that I could 'puss out' if I wanted to and not feel pressure to go through with it.

I figured since I wasn't going shopping on Black Friday - I might as well do my part for the economy - HA! I did go in one store. Let me stress go in though. The line was down one aisle and up another (figure easily 50 people) to checkout. That was enough for me. I figured there wasn't anything there that was worth me standing in that line for! The sales pretty much go on all weekend - it's just the 'doorbuster' ones that are on Friday only. Not so sure I'll even make it out and fight the crowds though.

Other than that - there really isn't much to report. I might skip my workout today as my hip is a bit sore where I got the tattoo. I'll have to see how it goes though cause it really is just an excuse not to go. ;-)

Next weekend I will be turning 40. I was hesitant to mention that as people might think the tattoo was a reaction to this next milestone in my life. I'm not going to lie - I am freaking out a little bit about turning 40. Funny thing is this is the first birthday I have had a reaction too. Not sure why that is, but nothing I can do about it, right? If anything, I sure would like to be at 134. That would be a 100 pounds lost with my band. I'm close, but not sure it will happen. Again, a couple pounds is not life or death, but I sure would like it! :-)

  • Mon - 111 mins
  • Tues - 95 mins
  • Wed - 90 mins
  • Thurs - Thanksgiving (OFF)
  • Fri - 90 mins
  • Sat - ?
I love my new tattoo...


MindyNTexas said...

OH COME ON you cant tell us you got a tatoo and NOT show it !!!
I will show you mine if you show me yours !!! I have a "band" tatoo ! I got some of it done at about 50lbs lost more added at 75 and when im done i'll add more to it !!
SO Come on lady LETS SEE IT !! LMAO

Melanie said...

Yeah I agree - let us see a pic!

smiles said...

Cool! I've always wanted a tat, but wanted to only once I got to my goal weight. Have been waiting a while! I should have thought about what I wanted for the last 10years, it will take me that long to decide what and where I'd want it!
Starting pre-op diet tomorrow, really want to drop at least 5-10kg before the day.
This might be an odd questions, but you might be able to shed some light. As I was eating my tuna bake for dinner tonight, I was consciously thinking about chewing my food, and was curious how much you have to chew once the band is in. Is that even something you can answer? Is there a mush factor? Strange I know.

Fluffy said...

Em - Not a weird question at all and good to start thinking about everything prior to surgery.

When I first was banded it was a shock to realize how little I actually chewed my food. Hard proteins (bandster friend food as it makes you feel full by sitting and filling your pouch) definitely require thorough chewing at all times. It will become second nature to you over time if things are chewed enough, but initially it is important to consciously eat as you mentioned.

I have heard estimates of 30-40 chews, but honestly I think I am more around 20-25, but you get to where you can just tell if it is chewed enough. I find that the real key is the size of the bite and how quickly you are eating. I'll use steak as an example. I probably cut it into a half-dime size bite. Chew that up and swallow ensuring that I am not eating like a freight train. Does that mean that I don't screw up? Heck no, but practice makes perfect.

A couple other things that I found helpful -

(1) - don't get too hungry. I find that when I get overly hungry is when I have problems.

(2) - I do drink all the way up until I eat. It's important that you do NOT drink when you eat. Flushes your pouch, etc., but I have found that drinking up until I eat can help me feel fuller faster and back to point 1 help me not feel too hungry.

(3) - Always eat your protein first - this fills you up.

(4) AVOID soft foods. You are eating around the band if you are having soft foods and are defeating the purpose of the tool.

As you have probably read, the band is a very individual experience, but there are a lot of 'best practices'. Hopefully this helps? Let me know if you have any other questions.

smiles said...

Thanks fluffy, that was really helpful. You mention that you do drink up until you eat. Is this something they suggest otherwise? I might have seen somewhere they mention to leave at least a half hour gap between drinking then eating.

Fluffy said...

I've heard mixed messages on drinking up until you eat. The real rule is not to drink while you eat. I don't see any harm with drinking up until you eat and seems to work well for me. I believe I was officially told - been a while - not to drink 30 mins before or after a meal. What I really do is wait an hour after if I can. You might find that your full trigger takes a while to go into effect. I find that my trigger goes all the way off (good thing!) if I wait a bit longer. :-)

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