Monday, November 17, 2008

I *heart* Lap Band Blogs

Yep - I'm addicted. I'll search, I'll look at the list that I see on other blogs, and stumble across other lap band blogs. I think they are helpful to remind me where I was, struggles I had, and how far I've come. I thought I'd become a follower of all the blogs that I could find today. So, you may recently have seen me pop up on your blog as one. I have also added all the blogs to my read list. I'm going to see if I can find more to add. I'd like to have a decent list more so for others that stumble across my blog.

The only requirements of being added are there must have been a post in the past 30 days and my preference is that it is not within some site like lapbandtalk or similar. Honestly, I just find them hard to read.

I'm hoping that others that I start to follow will then check out my blog and the long list of reads leading to more interaction among fellow bandsters. Feel free to comment with other blogs, questions, etc.



starrcan said...

I totally do the same thing! I go to one blog and it leads me to another, then another and so on. Then I notice that I've been online for hours:)

MindyNTexas said...

Girl I think you have found every Lap Band blog on Im going to have to check out the ones you have found LOL
Thanks for adding me !

Melanie said...

HI thanks for doing the follow thing on my blog - I've reciprocated. I loved reading your story - so good to see someone who has achieved the goal and has basically kept it off. Well done you. I'll be reading closely from now. Mel

Nola said...

I agree with Melanie....I found you via her blog:) I check out comments from other people on my favourite blogs and then click on them to see who they are....all very inspiring people with all different stories to tell!

Tracey said...

I do exactly the same! Maybe i have transferred my food addiction to blog

I am going to start at the beginning now and read the lot. I have added you to my list now, so I will be around, can't wait to read your story.


Chrysalis said...

I noticed that you started following my blog so I'm doing the same. I got a little burnt out on reading about everybody else's band experiences because I did it so much before I got banded and right afterwards. But now I think I'm ready to talk again. :) I especially like your blog because you're a lot further along than I am...most of what I find seem to be relative newbies, which is great, but I like the different perspective.

JenniferX said...

How funny, I just now found you through Chrysalis's blog because I noticed she was following you. Like her, I like how you're much further along than me. I need to go back and catch up, but I'll do that after I get home tonight most likely. Cheers!

gammazon said...

Thanks for the add! I'm glad you added me cause that helped me find yours. I love reading your blog, its hard to find many blogs from people who have been banded for a while.