Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

I'm working on my next goal to lose 5 lbs by the beginning of December (138 lbs). So the technical starting point was 143 lbs.
  • Week 12 - 11/4 - 143 lbs - GOAL!!!
  • Week 1 - 11/10 - 142 lbs - 1 lb lost
  • Week 2 - 11/17 - 139.5 lbs - 2.5 lbs lost (wow)
I did get weak and weighed in last week, I actually saw 138 on the scale, but figured that was too good to be true and looks like that was the case. I am planning on doing well the next two weeks on exercise and food wise to get me to 138 by Dec 1 weigh in. Since I don't have plans for Thanksgiving, this should be realistic. Only potential problem I see is that I will be heading toward TTOTM.

Exercise - I am cutting back on the number of days I exercise, but the overall time spent is still good---this week it was nearly 6 hours. Even though these are work days, because I always get a good night's sleep on Sunday it is really easy to get a long one in on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday aren't too difficult, but by the time I reach Friday I'm kinda out of the mood. : ) On the weekends, I have just had a lot going on and have decided that I won't stress out about whether or not I am working out. It is going well based on the weight loss, so I figure if it ain't broke don't fix it! ;-P
  • Mon - 80 mins
  • Tues - 90 mins
  • Wed - 80 mins
  • Thurs - 100 mins
  • Fri - OFF
  • Sat - OFF
  • Sun - OFF
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